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The 'Natural Hair Hair Growth eGuide Calendar' is designed to make your hair struggles disappear. Newly naturals (even long time naturals) in most cases, have no idea how to take care of their natural hair. They have no idea what things they're doing to it that's actually damaging it, what proper products to use for it, how to style it, how to get it to grow and retain length, how to keep it healthy and looking healthy, etc. The 'Natural Hair Hair Growth eGuide Calendar' walks you through it all, step by step, with a fun and easy to follow planned out hair routine, while teaching you proper hair care for natural hair and how to achieve Longer, Thicker, Healthier, Stronger, Shinier Natural Hair and Faster! Order yours and get started on this exciting journey, see your hair reach health and lengths you never thought were possible!




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The 'Natural Hair Hair Growth eGuide Calendar' is Perfect For You!


Embracing The

Beautiful Coily

Natural Hair GOD

Blessed You With

It's so important to be content with all the Good LORD has given us. The 'Natural Hair Hair Growth eGuide Calendar' 2021 also encourages and reminds you how beautiful you are, while teaching you how to care for and grow your Natural Hair Long and Healthy. This really plays a big role in our lives and health. We live in a time now where people are so prideful, even in sins against GOD. With all that pride and self vanity, yet we still never really see the majority of black women's natural hair.

Perhaps it's from the many years of growing up with relaxers, hot combs, flat irons; not to mention women who turn to wigs and weaves, who rely on that; it's sure made so easy to neglect our hair. Then we're left with damaged, broken, short, unhealthy, thin hair; and people say "black women's hair can't grow", "you need to hit them naps with a hot comb", "it's time for your 'weekly' touch up relaxer. Sadly the majority can't see all that is causing the very problem.

Embracing GOD Given Hair

"The 'Natural Hair Hair Growth eGuide Calendar' 2021 also encourages and reminds you how beautiful you are, while teaching you how to care for and grow your Natural Hair Long and Healthy."

But when we embrace what GOD has given us, oh how our hair flourishes! It surely is a blessing for black women and girls to have such gorgeously beautiful, puffy, coily curly, versatile hair. See how good, and what happens when we embrace what GOD gives and says. HE said we were made in HIS image, and that it was very good. It surely is, imagine also if the world would just have more love too, how better things would be; only if we followed the lead and commands of the Creator and embraced what HE has given and said in everything!


Why You NEED To Go Natural!

Every women should love and embrace what our Wonderful Father GOD Almighty has blessed us with. Sadly this world and society has brainwashed us with countless ads and media which make us feel we need to look the completely opposite way GOD made us, as if HE didn't do a good enough job. "You need to straighten your nappy hair", "you need to put on some makeup", etc. etc. In society, straight hair has been what's acceptable for decades, not our beautiful curly puffy hair. Thankfully, it's finally becoming the norm to see women and girls embracing and wearing their natural hair these days. I remember when I was the only one it seemed in town wearing my Natural Hair, and that wasn't that long ago! 

Chemical Relaxers do MAJOR damage on your hair, scalp, and body! Relaxers can actually be life threatening, causing reproductive problems, cancers, heart disease, fibroids, early puberty, and can even trigger "mental" health disorders. Relaxers can disrupt the chemical balance of your body when the chemicals enter your system through burns and cuts that they leave. And your health matters!

When you go natural your hair becomes so much more healthier, you even realize 'black hair can and DOES grow'! You will also save so much money! With the 'Natural Hair Hair Growth eGuide Calendar' 2021 you will see great, healthy, longer hair isn't just about what products you can buy, but how to actually mage and care for your hair; and the products that are mentioned in the 'Natural Hair Hair Growth eGuide Calendar' 2021 you will see are simple, chemical free, and can be used repeatedly for hair success, without having to buy a hundred different products! Well, these are just a few of the MANY reasons you need to go Natural. Remember, you are beautiful just the way GOD made you:)

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